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This site is dedicated to the publication of new and original rhymes in biology, chemistry, physics, planet physics, math, anatomy, physiology and other medical sciences .  They are easy to read and are designed to help students remember the concepts. Most rhymes are accompanied by images from Creative Commons credited at the end of each page. A copy of the Creative Commons license is the last post on this home page.
The categories of rhymes are listed in the boxes above, under the title. Click on a box to get to rhymes. The titles of rhymes are listed in the Navigator below (they are not hyperlinks). If you see a factual error in a rhyme, please e-mail me about it.

Teachers can introduce a rhyme to a class after they have studied the concept. The class can criticize it, discuss it, learn it or make up an alternative rhyme. Many of the rhymes are mnemonics. 
Rhyming mnemonics have a long tradition. One tells us the days in each month:         

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November.
All the rest have thirty one,
Excepting February alone,
That has twenty eight days clear,
And twenty nine in each leap year.

There is no panacea to avoid the hard work of study, but after learning lots of related facts, rhymes and mnemonics can be useful reminders. 

Human body systems are respiratory, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive, nervous, excretory, integument and immune. 

If your anatomy, physiology or biology teacher asks you to name the 11 systems, this mnemonic rhyme might jog your memory:   

Lungs, bones, meat
Steroids, heart, eat
Sex, fear, excrete,
Skin and bugs defeat.

As more rhymes are added, it is planned to divide the categories into sub-disciplines. If you make up an original science rhyme, send it to me. If it is published here you will be credited as the author. All constructive comments are also welcome.

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Evolution Deniers
 Pre-history Planet Timeline
Solar System
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Timeline (B) Paleozoic Era
Timeline (C) Mesozoic Era
Timeline (D) Cenozoic Era